Class Radius::Context
In: lib/radius.rb
Parent: Object

A context contains the tag definitions which are available for use in a template. See the QUICKSTART for a detailed explaination its usage.


Public Class methods

Creates a new Context object.

Public Instance methods

Returns the state of the current render stack. Useful from inside a tag definition. Normally just use TagBinding#nesting.

Creates a tag definition on a context. Several options are available to you when creating a tag:

for:Specifies an object that the tag is in reference to. This is applicable when a block is not passed to the tag, or when the expose option is also used.
expose:Specifies that child tags should be set for each of the methods contained in this option. May be either a single symbol/string or an array of symbols/strings.
attributes:Specifies whether or not attributes should be exposed automatically. Useful for ActiveRecord objects. Boolean. Defaults to true.

Returns the value of a rendered tag. Used internally by Parser#parse.

Like method_missing for objects, but fired when a tag is undefined. Override in your own Context to change what happens when a tag is undefined. By default this method raises an UndefinedTagError.

Yeild an instance of self for tag definitions:

  context.with do |c|
    c.define_tag 'test' do