Class Radius::TagBinding
In: lib/radius.rb
Parent: Object

A tag binding is passed into each tag definition and contains helper methods for working with tags. Use it to gain access to the attributes that were passed to the tag, to render the tag contents, and to do other tasks.


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External Aliases

attributes -> attr


attributes  [R]  The attributes of the tag. Also aliased as TagBinding#attr.
block  [R]  The render block. When called expands the contents of the tag. Use TagBinding#expand instead.
context  [R]  The Context that the TagBinding is associated with. Used internally. Try not to use this object directly.
locals  [R]  The locals object for the current tag.
name  [R]  The name of the tag (as used in a template string).

Public Class methods

Public Instance methods

Returns true if the current tag is a container tag.

Evaluates the current tag and returns the rendered contents.

The globals object from which all locals objects ultimately inherit their values.

Fires off Context#tag_missing for the current tag.

Returns a list of the way tags are nested around the current tag as a string.

Renders the tag using the current context .

Returns true if the current tag is a single tag.