Last Update: Mon May 01 13:51:53 EDT 2006

Change Log


  • Created a DSL for tag definitions (introducing a DSL makes this version of Radiant incompatible with the last). The DSL has the following features:
    • full support for nested tags
    • global and local tag variables
    • Contexts can now be defined dynamically (instead of being subclassed)
    • see the QUICKSTART for more info
  • Many refactorings of the library and unit tests.
  • Changed the license to the MIT-LICENSE.
  • Updated documentation to reflect the changes.
  • Updated the version number to reflect the maturity of the code base.


  • Refactored Parser to use Context#render_tag instead of send when rendering tags defined on a Context.
  • UndefinedTagError is now thrown when Parser tries to render a tag which doesn’t exist on a Context.
  • Added Context#tag_missing which works like method_method missing on Object, but is tag specific.


  • First release.